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Design Process

Our services include website design, website maintenance, web promotion, search engine optimization, website programming and database design.

Step I: Concept & Planning

Step I consists of a creative discussion between Clients, Visual Design Lead and Programming Lead to determine the client's goals, audience, and messages of the project. At this time any marketing, technical, and design requirements will be addressed and a preliminary flow chart will be created.

Step II: Design

In this Step, the team should experiment with different designs to meet the goals and requirements. The Visual Design Lead and Programming Lead should work very closely together during this Step as part of the core design team. The team or the client should also do some user testing and market testing to glean information and test the assumptions. By the end of this Step, all visual design, features, and processes should be specified to include programming as well as user interface and visual design.

Step III: Client Review

In Step III, the client will have the opportunity to review the design mock-ups with the Visual Design Lead. Any revisions should be discussed at this point.

Step IV: Development

It is impossible to start development until the design and specifications are final. Development consists of implementing the Designs and Programming. Revisions, at this point, should be minor.

Step V: Testing

Step VI: Going Live

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